i am an incurable and nothing else behaves like me.

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Tattooed Porcelain Ladies by Jessica Harrison

As spotted on The World’s Best EverJessica Harrison’s “Painted Ladies” are on view right now at Galerie LJ in Paris.


Shoes at Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 NYFW


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Photography and Paint Portraits by Janus Miralles

Philippines artist Janus Miralles has produced a series of abstracted photographs smeared with paint. The resulting portraits have a fantastic worn feel to them, as though the original image has aged and started to run down the canvas. A few of them seem to denote a sense of suffering or horror too… the last one in the above set is genuinely creepy I think!

See the full collection at: Fubiz 


After months of “maybe I should have my own music website,” I finally have heathernievera.com! Shout out to Austin who created this over the weekend and sternly put his foot down when I told him I wanted the url to be thedikpiksbit.ly or something equally inappropriate.

heathernievera.com! tumblr folks, feel free to follow me as well.

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Unconsciousness: Consciousness, Lavender Chang

my closet, forreal

my closet, forreal

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"I’m now at the point where I have to talk myself every morning into wanting to stay."

~ My current thoughts on stagnancy

I’m learning

I’m back on track.  I’m okay with being by myself again.  I’m learning how to be whole again!